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The New World Order for Dummies

by Martin Truther on Friday, September 18, 2009 at 11:28pm

Overpopulation is destroying the planet. The superrich wield near absolute power. They don't want "their" home planet destroyed. They see no other choice but massive depopulation. Wars can achieve depopulation, but also destroy valuable infrastructure. Famine is difficult to achieve unless the food supply can be completely controlled. If the food supply is controlled, poisoning is easier. Disease is king, but how to infect billions of people? Tricky, yes, but doable? Perhaps. Of course, anyone who gets in the way of this agenda or tries to warn ordinary people has to be sidelined or killed and such killings must be made to appear as accidents or random coincidences or the work of lone, crazy assassins, and not as a pattern of oppression.


Martin Truther

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