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The Television Will be Revolutionized?

by Martin Truther on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 3:06pm

It has been well said the revolution will not be televised, but with the internet it may now be possible for the "television" to be revolutionized. If you doubt that, check out the video links on my account.

The genius of Gandhi's peaceful revolution in India was that all he asked the people to do was "nothing"-a general strike that paralyzed the British colonial government. After a couple centuries of colonization, the Indians' culture no longer included much of a confrontational element to build on. The general strike allowed everyone to make their point with almost no face-to-face confrontation.

Today, "doing nothing" is practically synonymous with watching TV, an activity that comes quite easily for (too) many people. But what if we could borrow a page from Gandhi's playbook and make watching "television" a revolutionary act?

I submit that by circulating links to many of the videos all of us have been watching and advocating, we enable our friends and relatives to play a part in remaking society by simply watching. Zeitgeist, Terrorstorm, Disclosure Project, Loose Change, Evidence of Revision. It is my hope that we'll reach a critical mass this Summer and begin to move from eduction into action-by actively changing our patterns of living to avoid cooperating with injustice and to cooperate more completely with the natural world while, simultaneously preserving and enhancing appropriate technology.

  I like to watch!

Martin Truther

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