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Global Warming

by Martin Truther on Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 9:35pm

I know that's probably the most controversial piece of the red pill guide for most people in our circles.

Although I have some career experience that brought me into contact with a few climate scientists and I came to trust them as one engineer to another, I've since learned of career mechanisms that can lock people into false science via peer pressure (as in the medical "sciences") so I've been as skeptical as I know how to be about global warming.  I've looked into allegations that warming is solar-system wide and there isn't hard data for that.  In fact, solar energy measurements indicate that incoming solar energy is actually a little lower now.

It seems clear that warming is occurring-- the observed polar and glacial ice melts (as well as tundra) appears incontrovertible.

There is some reasonable discussion to whether the warming is anthropogenic, i.e. human caused.

The main reason that people say it is is because the climate modellers, whose models have been getting more and more accurate, say they can't account for the warming without taking human-caused factors (CO2 emissions and deforestation mainly) into account.  There are multiple teams with diverse models who've all come to the same conclusion.

On the other side, I'm not hearing climate modellers who say their climate prediction software *can* explain warming without resorting to human-caused factors.

Could there be group think going on?  Given the scale of deception in the medical community, I would have to say yes, it's possible, but I still think something else is more likely.

The crux of climategate was that the models were predicting higher temperatures than we're currently experiencing. This discrepancy is relatively new, however.  Past years tended to validate the models.  There is either something wrong with the models (inherently) or, and this is the possibility that concerns me, something unknown to the climate modellers is going on in the environment that is not accounted for in the models.

For me, I won't feel satisfied that I know what's going on with global warming until we know what is going on with stratospheric geoengineering.  Are chemtrails actually a covert climate control program?  I think maybe and hope more info comes out soon.

So, that's my take, at present,  on the global warming issue.  What do you think about this?

Martin Truther

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