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by Martin Truther on Monday, December 27, 2010 at 9:28am

NOTE: This experiment is over, but is left here as an example others might wish to try or modify for future experiments/research.

I (Martin) have sealed ten numbered questions and ten small objects in envelopes inside a shoe box.  Remote Viewing is an unusual endeavor that seeks to access information from a universal field of consciousness or from an "expanded awareness" that extends far beyond conventional ideas of human mental and physical limitation.   

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of the practice to accept is that the questions themselves are not provided to remote viewers who are asked to "access" the answers.  This is because the conscious mind's imaginative and creative "services" are not required and are said to be more of an impediment than an asset for remote viewing (RV).

The RV process has more to do with relaxing and allowing information to come to your mind while keeping the conscious mind's obsessive-compulsive tendencies at bay ("Let me just tidy that up!").

Some RV trainers suggest inventing processes and structure to keep the conscious mind otherwise occupied.  I've toyed with the idea that perhaps "amused detachment" might be a productive attitude for the conscious mind.  If you think of yourself as a family at a dinner table, your conscious mind would be a boisterous and opinionated high school or college-age member of the family.  Your remote viewer is like a little sister who doesn't often get the opportunity to speak her mind.  We're trying to create conditions where's she's comfortable speaking at length.

Please do not start before 8 p.m. (England), 3 p.m. Eastern U.S. 12:00 noon Pacific time.  Although you can begin at any time after that (as long as you complete in the next day or so), our intent is to stick together timing-wise to be able to best reinforce each other's efforts.  Some of us will be meditating in support of this effort at least for the first hour. 

Some people have voiced concerns about RV and other "paranormal" experiments opening people to darker influences or temptation to use such abilities for selfish purposes.  If you have any such doubts about RV's safety or feel it could compromise your integrity, please feel free to discontinue at any time.  As with most things in life, this is an "at-your-own-risk" activity, so please don't overextend yourself beyond what you feel comfortable doing. 

I would add that I've undertaken this experiment with all of you without any thought of personal gain.  It's not related to my occupation nor do I plan to publish the results.  While some of the questions are controls that I'll be able to verify and report back to you on, others are speculative and may not be verifiable in any way.  I assure you that these questions were designed with a benefit to humanity in mind, but can't say much more without giving away too many clues.

That said, if you're still on board, let's get started.

First, print this note onto paper and cut the list below into 20 small pieces of paper, one per line, A1 thru A10 and B1 thru B10.  Place all 20 of the scraps of paper in a hat or small box or bowl and mix them up so you can draw them out in a random order.  The drawing of each scrap of paper represents a question and a signal for the subconscious mind to "start now" on each item.  First thoughts are often the best, so this formality of choosing a starting moment and a random question for each item helps eliminate anticipation and focus our attention on "first thoughts".

---  Cut the following onto 20 pieces of paper --

A1 - Yes or No

A2 - A group of one or more people

A3 - A future date and time

A4 - Zero or more machines or devices

A5 - A place (description)

A6 - A place (location)

A7 - Another group of one or more people

A8 - Yet another group of one or more people

A9 - Some contact info or method for A8

A10 - Open Ended

B1- A small object you might hold in your hand

B2- A small object you might hold in your hand

B3- A small object you might hold in your hand

B4- A small object you might hold in your hand

B5- A small object you might hold in your hand

B6- A small object you might hold in your hand

B7- A small object you might hold in your hand

B8- A small object you might hold in your hand

B9- A small object you might hold in your hand

B10- A small object you might hold in your hand

Second get a small stack of plain white paper and your favorite pen or pencil to write your answers or draw sketches with.

Once you've completed the set up with the pieces of paper in a box or hat, prepare for a relaxed and uninterrupted period of time (perhaps ½ hour) in a quiet space.  A bedroom is often the best choice.  Turn off your cell phone.  Unplug your regular phone (or have a house-mate agree to handle it).  Let your housemates know you'd like quiet and no interruptions.

The next step should be adapted to be aligned with your personal philosophical or religious orientation.

For me, I would pray/intend that God/Universe bless, guide and protect me in this endeavor.  I might further visualize such positive influences as a bluish-white light surrounding me.  I would also declare my intent to do this out of service to God, fellow humans and other living things and not for any selfish purposes.  I would then do a final check-in with myself to be sure I feel comfortable continuing, or, if not, stop at this point.

Assuming you're still up for it-

  1. Take several deep breaths and relax.
  2. Imagine my shoe box and the questions and objects inside it being connected to your pieces of paper, your hat or box and the space you're in
  3. Prepare yourself to be open to spontaneous impressions of any kind-perhaps visual or sounds (auditory), but also tactile (feeling), temperature, smell or taste.  There is no reason our impressions have to be considered as corresponding to our five physical body senses.  In addition to information corresponding to the senses, there may also be "just knowing" impressions that are different from sensory impressions.
  4. Select one piece of paper, write its number on your while paper, read the scrap of paper to see what kind of answer is wanted (time, place, people, yes/no, small object, etc.).  Perhaps close your eyes and just observe what thoughts/impressions come to mind whatever form they come in.  Just observe.  If it's a visual impression, try to sketch what you see and perhaps write notes about colors or other details.  If it's words or sounds, simply write the words or describe the sounds.  Don't take longer than about ten or fifteen seconds at most to  observe your impressions (although you may take a few minutes to get your impressions on paper).
  5. Repeat step four ten to twenty times.  That is, I hope you'll complete at least ten of the questions (a random sample) and would love it if everyone did all twenty, but don't expect everyone to complete all the questions.
  6. When you're done, please e-mail your answers to me for all the questions you completed.  My address is  If you have sketches, it would be great if you could take a digital photo of the sketch under bright lighting and attach that to your e-mail.
  7. Please DO NOT post your answers on Facebook or discuss them with other participants.  It's essential that people not influence each others' efforts.

I'll report back in a few days with at least the answers to the verifiable parts and maybe further information about the more experimental questions if interesting info arises.

Thank you very, very much for volunteering to participate.  I hope you find it beneficial and worth the while.

Best regards,


Martin Truther

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