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The Norway Spiral was a Rocket Booster

by Martin Truther on Sunday, February 20, 2011 at 6:53pm

That is exactly what a rocket booster looks like when it's been damaged and is leaking propellant and oxidizer (blue and white) in the sunlit (above the sunrise line), high-altitude, above atmosphere, zero-G, pre-dawn sky.

The Norway Spiral certainly was an extraordinarily beautiful phenomenon and required exactly the right combination of timing, sunlight, gasses, physical rocket failure to occur as it did, but the best explanation is the "prosaic" one-- that it is a rocket booster.

The following video includes other similar phenomena from China and Russia.  In the Russian case, you can see the rocket booster tumbling down from the sky after all the gasses have leaked out.

Everything I've seen of the Norway spiral looks exactly like a rocket booster spinning out of control while leaking a jet of fuel out through a punctured hole in zero-g, backlit in a pre-dawn sky. If you can't picture that, imagine a can of white spray paint tossed into the air and then shoot a hole in the side. Because the hole and jet won't be aligned with the can's center of gravity, the jet of paint causes the can to spin rapidly. If the can is in the vacuum of outer space in zero g, the paint spirals out away from the center, because every droplet of paint continues on at a constant speed in the direction it was ejected. When the fuel is exhausted, a hole appears in the middle of the spiral and expands outward with the speed of the exhausted paint and propellant. If it's before dawn and you're looking to the East, the spiral will be backlit by the sun (visible from the can's altitude, but not yet by an observer on the surface) and will appear to be luminous. The fact that people don't see this when they look at the available photos and videos just means that most people don't have a sense of how things behave differently in a vacuum at zero-G.

If you disagree, please explain what part of the phenomenon you feel doesn't fit this "prosaic"explanation.

Here is  an excellent animation showing how a rocket boost could create the spiral:

An even better computer simulation of the event:

There are some fairly specific requirements to produce the spiral:

1. the booster must be propelled above the atmosphere just before dawn or right after dusk. 

2. the booster must be damaged such that both the propellent and oxidizer tanks leak their entire contents into the surrounding space fairly rapidly (not solid fuel boosters). 

The  observed phenomena are fairly consistent with an anti-missile system test.  If that were the case, much of the effectiveness of any such system is that the enemy not be aware you have it-- so suppose the government conducting the test goofed in allowing the test results to be seen by conducting the test too close to dawn.  In such a scanario they might do damage control by simply not talking about it or, perhaps, by spreading alternative cover explanations such as HAARP, "portals", etc.

Seems rather plausible to me.  Such a scenario also leaves plenty of room to speculate about what type of anti-missile system technology they might have been testing.  What if it were some kind of directed energy beam-- laser, maser or similar?  Such a test might easily involve re-purposing some technology at HAARP facilities-- at least for power generation from a source that can be kept top secret.  Maybe more.

Obviously, I'm no defense systems analyst and have no top secret access with any government.  Nonetheless, I would assert that this fairly simple explanation passes the Occam's Razor test of being simpler than the competing explanations.

Martin Truther

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