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Fighting Back Against Censorship

by Martin Truther on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 4:34pm

What does it look like when the powers-that-be hit the kill switch on the internet?  It looks a lot like the regular internet except some of your favorite web sites are just missing.  Will people notice?  Will alternative or "mirror" sites be set up in time to keep the info available?

One strategy to help prevent censorship is to remain vigilant, but that doesn't mean we each have to go check our favorite truth web sites every hour or so.  There are software packages such as Naggios and others like it that can be set up to monitor many systems and web sites on a regular basis and only report a problem if something is down or unavailable for a specified length of time.

What I'd like to see is people in various countries around the globe coordinated to set up Naggios servers to monitor the availablity of truth sites and other important online resources such as facebook and twitter which were blocked by the Egyptian government during their recent revolution.

That can help detect server-side problems.

On the client side, there's privacy and problems getting out around firewalls.

The TOR project helps support client privacy using proxies to get around attempted road blocks on the 'net:

Unfortunately, it's not something I personally have the resources for, but maybe some people reading this will be able to run with the idea.

Martin Truther

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