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The WATT Heard 'Round the World

by Martin Truther on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 7:49pm

I think it is probable that some form of "free energy" or "zero-point" device will eventually revolutionize energy production on our planet and may already be being used within some secret programs.

I am, however, tired of wasting time trying to evaluate claims of inventors who either

(1) demand investment before demonstrating their technology,

(2) refuse to disclose their inventions,

(3) disappear never to be heard from again,

(4) sell out and clam-up; or

(5) die (mysteriously or otherwise).

What I would say to these inventors is this:

First, forget about trying to become rich from your invention.  You have not invented a new monetary system-- just an energy device.  There is simply no possibility in the existing monetary system for you to be rewarded for your efforts.  Period.

Secondly, if you can't build it with easily affordable materials and without significant investment, then it's not much of an invention.  Or if it is, and you can't find even one eccentric millionaire willing to buy the parts so you can make a power plant for their underground bunker, it's still not much of an invention.  In any case, never ask me to invest in your free energy device.

Thirdly, if you manage to stay alive long enough, you might have a shot at saving the entire fricking planet from the certain destruction that will result from our current reliance on coal, oil and nuclear power if you publish your invention as follows:

The Watershed moment will come when:

1) The inventors of a free energy device open source their plans, instructions and parts lists (with supplier info) widely on the web before they can be shut down by the "special interests"

2) The first person (independent of the inventors) is able to successfully build the device and reproduce the free energy results.

3) First person to successfully reproduce the free energy device uploads a youtube describing their experience, results and links to #1.

4) Goes viral, transforms the whole planet.

When #3 occurs I'll be among the first to widely wall-post the WATT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD.

Martin Truther

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