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The Potential to Use Radio-Geotomography to Detect Secret Underground Facilities and Infrastructure

by Martin Truther on Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 6:12pm

Karma Tinfoil wrote to ask:

?Martin Truther so when are we going to return this military mag-lev-vac-tube train to the public trust?

"And you know it makes me wonder

What's going on under the ground, hmmm

Do you know? Don't you wonder?

What's going on down under you"

-- Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, "Deja Vu"

Hi Karma,

I don't know what caused the noises in the YouTube video you've referenced.  To my ear, it sounded more like a rocket engine test than a tornado.  Such a rocket test would probably have occurred somewhere on the ground since there were no visual airborne sightings and the duration of the phenomenon rules out a flying rocket going anywhere at usual airborne rocket speeds).  It would be interesting to map-plot various reports and see if there's an epicenter for this phenomenon.

A mag-lev train in a vacuum tube (tunnel) would be relatively silent since it would not be touching any of the magnetic/metal rails and any sounds created would not travel through the vacuum.  Also, a maglev train would likely travel at speeds in excess of 200mph and would have to be an extremely long train to produce noise in one location for over 20 minutes.

Nonetheless, the possible/probable existence of underground magnetic levitation (maglev) trains as reported by Phil Schneider and others is a most intriguing subject and, I think, worthy of further exploration.  Clearly, the existence of such a train system could be a great boon to the global economy and a great relief on the environment if usage replaced much of our current air travel.

Here are the necessary steps as I would imagine such research unfolding:

1. A group of engineers develop a USB device (with an external power supply, perhaps powered by a car cigarette lighter plug) and software that allows anyone to turn their notebook PC and vehicle (with GPS) into a portable geotomography station using technology similar to that described by Brooks Agnew in the HAARP literature to locate oil, natural gas and other underground features with a 30 watt radio frequency device.

2. The technology is widely deployed and used , uploading data to redundant locations for analysis and digital "stitching" to combine datasets.

3. Detected tunnels and/or underground bases are mapped in the public domain for all to see.  Because of the possible destabilizing influence the release of such information might have, it would be preferable to have simultaneous projects in most countries at the same time so no country gains an advantage from the release of this info.

Just an idea.  Can we use one controversial technology to prove the existence of another controversial subject?  Possibly.  What do readers think?

Martin Truther

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