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Why I Desperately Need All of Your Help Speaking Truth to Your Friends and Families.

by Martin Truther on Friday, March 25, 2011 at 12:34am

As you know, I've been spending much of this last year working hard to put truth out there on a number of topics in the "Red Pill Guide" that I've compiled.  I am proud of the work I've done.  I still feel the information I've compiled includes some of the best sources available anywhere.  My doing this work has come at significant personal cost-- my business has suffered from my focus being diverted to this work.  I've lost a long-term relationship and a few friends over this work.

I am just one person. 

I try to tell my kids about Aspartame and MSG and their attitude is "Ah, you know dad and his overcautious, unconventional ideas."  One is a smoker now and drinks diet (aspartame) sodas frequently.  Another buys cases of MSG-laced Top Ramen noodles when he goes shopping.

My nieces and nephews all get their vaccinations and flu shots annually.  My brother claims he's listened to my concerns and talked to some friends of his who are doctors and reached a different conclusion than me and will accept no more information on the subject from me. 

Our parents are aging.  One step-parent has Alzheimer's and refuses to look into PhoenixTears and some of the neuro-protective capabilities it offers.  They're willing to listen but won't do anything their doctor doesn't recommend and their doctor will not recommend Phoenix Tears.  Another parent has MS and will not look into Phoenix Tears' benefits for that disease for the same reasons.

I am, very literally, watching my family die and/or be slowly killed because they are unable to believe the information I've gathered or simply are not capable of entertaining doubt about their doctors' recommendations.  And I'm the only one in their lives who tries to alert them to alternative information.  I have become like the truth-telling but disbelieved Cassandra from ancient Greek lore.  This has GOT to change.

There's only an average of 7 (or fewer) degrees of separation between any of you, my Facebook friends, and any of my family members.  My family and so many others' families need to be hearing about this information from sources besides me.  I've done all I can do and, sadly, failed so far.  Some will laugh at me for admitting this and will say things like, "What a loser, even his own family doesn't believe his crazy conspiracy theories."   So, I've been loathe to talk about my family situation until now.

Death is very real this time of year.  Late winter is when some snowbirds go south and some  fly away completely from this life.  I know, at a deep level, that it doesn't really matter because... "It's only a ride!", but my heart aches for all the current suffering and bad choices being made in my family, in my little tribe of souls.

And all of this is on top of my basic concern for humanity, the victims of the BP disaster, the Fukushima disaster, wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, mass animal deaths all over the globe and more catastrophes and disasters waiting in the wings.

If it seems to you like I've been burning the candle at both ends, well, you're right and now you know why.

But it's not been nearly enough.

There is a popular prayer called the "Serenity Prayer" that goes like this:

"God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change,

courage to change the things I can,

and wisdom to know the difference."

Conventional wisdom is that neither I nor anyone else should bother working to change things on a scale much larger than our neighborhoods because how many of us can honestly look at the big picture problems and feel any sense of empowerment about our personal ability to affect the outcome?  Yet, some of us know better-- as Dr. Seuss's Once-ler character put it,"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better. It's not."

If none of us try, nothing will get better.

If only a small fraction of us try, nothing will get better.

The only way for things to get better, is if a lot of us decide that, even if these are things we might not be able to change, we won't be able to be who we are or to maintain self pride and integrity unless we are among the ones who take a stand at this historic time for the important issues and refuse to sit idly by because everyone thinks they're just one person and can't make a difference, because...

If a lot of us all stand up and try all at once, we cannot lose.  There would be no stopping us.

I am amazed to realize that, starting with the "Summer of Truth" campaign last Summer, shortly after I signed up for a Facebook account that my small circle of truth-seeking friends has now grown to over 3,000 of you.  I am humbled, inspired and wishing there was enough time in the day to know all the friends of friends better than I do now.  And many of you in my friends list each have several hundreds or even thousands of Facebook friends yourselves.

We are very close or perhaps even already at a critical mass to effect widespread change in the larger culture.

All that has to happen, is for each of us to stop being afraid of ridicule and other consequences and just speak the truth as we understand it to our friends and families, both here on Facebook and in person.

A friend of mine from an Ivy League college once described an ad hoc Psychology experiment they conducted on a warm Spring day while many students were studying on the lawns of a mall with a large fountain in the center.  They reasoned  if just one of them jumped into the fountain, people would notice, but not likely join in.  If two of them did it, same story.  If three... and this is where it got interesting...  if it was three people who appeared to be cohorts, the onlookers might also not take part, figuring it was just a small in-group, but, they hypothesized, IF THEY MADE IT APPEAR that the three of them were all acting independently and spontaneously, many would conclude that IT WAS JUST AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAD COME at least for that nice warm spring day, the first such day after a long winter and MANY would join in cavorting and getting soaking wet in the fountain.  And guess what?  That's exactly what happened.  Their hypothesis was right.  When the three Psychology students broke and made their play from three different directions, coverging loudly and joyfully in fountain, everyone was pulled into the mood as if by magic and many dozens of fellow students joined them in a kind baptismal realization."

We can do something similar.

We need to do more than just speak the truth.

We need to speak the truth often enough that many people will be hearing it from at least a handful of friends and family members.

We need to speak the truth with confidence that we've done our homework and we know what we're talking about.

We need to speak the truth like everyone knows it and people who don't are just behind the curve and in danger of falling behind.

Because falling behind is what the herd mentality fears most-- because everyone knows what happens to the herd member who falls most behind when the predators are about.

I fear I will not be able to rest until we succeed.  And I do need some rest.  I know many of you are already working hard and it's awesome and inspiring.  Some of you could do more.  Some among us are preoccupied with survival and just need a little help and support to be able to do more of this work.  Whatever it takes, is what we must do.

God bless you all.  At times I feel you are my brothers and sisters in ways that go beyond blood.

We are the bearers of the ideas whose time has come.

It's time to deliver.

-- Martin Truther  3/25/2011

Martin Truther

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