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TRUTHERFEST 2011 -- If We Built It, Would You Come?

by Martin Truther on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 10:53pm

There's been a lot of chatter out on the internets :-) -- people talking about the quantum potential of a mass gathering of truthers for music, dancing, consciousness-raising, info-levelling and new paradigm tranformational workshops and who knows what more?

There is credible information suggesting the event might occur sometime in August, somewhere in the CONUS, and that it would, indeed, rock the world.

Would you feel compelled to attend an event of this nature?  Would you scrape together gas with a car or vanload of friends and go?  Would you pile your mashed potatoes into little towers on your plate and mumble half in a dream, "this means something" and begin packing a small bag for the trip?

Where do you imagine is the best place for such an event?  What would you like to see and hear there?  Who would you like to hear talk? What would you like to teach or learn there?  What do you suppose would come out of such an event?

Martin Truther

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