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Don't Kid Yourself -- The New World Order Isn't All That Orderly!

by Martin Truther on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 7:32pm


One of the ideas I keep running into in the "truthing biz" is the idea that the NWO is so powerful that there is no hope of ever challenging their domination of the world-as-it-is, because they're in complete control.

I see this attitude in many different forms:

* Some say that they "got to fulfill de book" putting forth the idea that the NWO people are ordained by God to fulfill the role they've taken on to fulfill the biblical prophesies (or some interpretation of Revelations).  And, thus, because we are also bound by these prophesies, it's pointless to try to fight the inevitable outcome.

* Some say they control most of our leaders within the truth movement and point to perceived shortcomings of Alex Jones and others as proof that they're really controlled by the NWO crowd and, therefore, since we have no uncompromised leadership, there is no chance of success challenging the NWO.

* Some say that the NWO crowd is backed up by ETs and therefore, because the ETs are so much more clever and have such superior technology that we have no chance of success challenging their proxies, the NWO.

* Some just point to the fact that we are too out-gunned, out-monied and out-resourced by the NWO to mount an effective challenge.

Every one of these arguments plays into the hands of the NWO and it's quite possible all of these points are simply disinformation put out by agents of the NWO for the sole putpose of demoralizing anyone considering challenging them.

Consider this-- If the NWO crowd has been charged with keeping the Earth's population at or below 500 million (as written on the Georgia guidestones), how have we reached a population of nearly 7 billion if they're so darned "in control" of things?  Doesn't a 6.5 billion overshoot seem just a little negligent?  sloppy?  out of control, perhaps?

Or consider this-- If the NWO is so smart and has such great technology, why all the mistakes in their false flag operations that have, over time, revealed the true authors of these false flag operations to researchers?  Why the obvious controlled demolition in 9/11?  Why the ridiculous-looking crash site in Shanksville?  Why the obvious lies about cell phone calls from 30,000 ft.?  Why the necessity of hiding the 4 black boxes (2 per plane) from the WTC rubble? There have been so many stupid loose ends, it's difficult to believe they could be operating with vastly superior intelligence.

O consider this-- According to many reports the NWO is trying to precipitate a war with Iran and was well behind schedule on that project back in 2005 (according to Bill Ryan's "Ango-Saxon" mission source).  If they were so all powerful, would they now be six more years behind schedule on that score?

We hear some reports that NWO  insiders are extremely sleep-deprived lately trying to keep up with all the loose ends and details.  That doesn't sound invincible to me.

What if the truth is that the NWO is coming apart at the seams?  What if it's taking all the efforts of an army of 20,000 lobbyists to keep Congress under control and what if they're barely able to keep the corporate media on the tracks they need them on?  What if so many people are waking up to the truth and ignoring corporate media that they're losing their grip on the public mind? 

I shouldn't underestimate them, but, by the same token, we shouldn't overestimate them, either.  They're human.  They're fallible.  They're smart, but not *that* smart.  And they're way, way, way outnumbered, especially if the truth keeps spreading as fast as it has been.

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it--always." --Mahatma Gandhi

Martin Truther

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