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Is David Icke Related to British Royalty, American Aristocracy and Alex Jones?

by Martin Truther on Friday, May 20, 2011 at 1:50pm

You and I and every human being on Earth have about two to the nth-power (2^n) ancestors in the nth generation where n is the number of generations one goes back to count.  Historically the typical number of years in one generation is 20 years give or take 5 years[1].  Going back five generations, 100 years, we all have about 2^5 = 32 ancestors.  Going back 200 years, 10 generations, we each have 2^10 = 1,024 ancestors.  The progression continues:

20 generations, 400 years ago (1611), about 1,000,000 ancestors

25 generations, 500 years ago (1511), about 32,000,000 ancestors

28 generations 560 years ago (1451), about 256,000,000 ancestors

29 generations 580 years ago (1431), about 500,000,000 ancestors

30 generations, 600 years ago (1411), about 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) ancestors

A few hundred years ago, there were significantly fewer than one billion people on all of planet Earth [3].

There is a year, sometime in the early 1400's when the theoretical number of ancestors for each of us is greater than the world population and, thus, the probability that any two of us are related through ancestors of that generation approaches 1.0 -- certainty, in other words.  In 1400, world population was about 350 million.  In 1500, world population was about 425 million.  So, obviously some inbreeding and geographic limitations come into play, however probably not as much as most would suppose until before the Age of Exploration when European f***ers began their global sperm donor program.

My point is not to prove or disprove inbreeding or anything of that sort, but simply to show, mathematically, that it is downright silly to attach much significance to blood relations that span centuries.  Certainly there are significant family ties among the ruling families, however, it's not at all clear whether such "notable" blood relations are all that much more significant than what might be expected by chance. 

For example, given the math above, it shouldn't be at all surprising for me to discover, if I had sufficient historical records, that I am also related to various kings and presidents, related to you, even related to David Icke in all probability.  It might be an amusing exercise for some of my genealogically-minded readers to do a study and determine how David Icke (a big proponent of "ruling families" info) is related to Bush, Kerry and Prince Charles.

Thus, if you want to make a case for a ruling-elite eugenics program, please get much more precise than "so and so are 4th cousins" and be prepared to show how much more significant than chance any such "notable" blood relations really are.

The problem is that some people are actually giving credence to distorted research like this:  .  This kind of video is propaganda and disinformation and needs to be jettisoned.  The connections of "9th cousin" and "6th cousin" between two people are not terribly significant.





Martin Truther

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