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Was "ClimateGate" Just a Side-Effect of Chemtrail Geo-Engineering?

by Martin Truther on Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 10:59pm

The entire climategate fiasco was based on a leak of one scientist's e-mails in which he wondered why the Earth hadn't been heating up quite as fast as predicted by computer climate models in the prior10 years or so. 

My hypothesis is that  the reason the Earth has not continued warming as fast as was seen  in the late 90's is because  covert geo-engineering (aluminum aerosol in chem-trails) is being successfully used to manage temperatures (while poisoning the planet).  The university scientists, however are not in the loop about Chemtrails and did not include them in their computer models, hence the discrepancy.

Data from Mt. Shasta snow pack appears to indicate much, much higher levels of aluminum in the atmosphere.  If the source is not chemtrails, then what?

What do you think?

Martin Truther

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