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Maximum Truth in 1000 Words or Less

by Martin Truther on Sunday, June 12, 2011 at 7:06pm

The world we've been told about is mostly an illusion designed to control and exploit most of humanity for the benefit of a small number of elites who have accumulated astronomical wealth through international and central banking, manipulating and gaming global financial markets, both legal and illegal drug distribution as well as warfare for profit.  These elites have a history of at least a few centuries and many of those involved are multi-generational participants who have been groomed and trained practically from birth to perform their roles in the power structure.  The actual elites are collectively an informal organization, in order to defuse any attempts to directly confront their ranks, and overlap a number of overt and quasi-public organizations such as the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the U.N., the FBI and the CIA as well as a number of secret societies such as the "Illuminati", Bohemian Grove attendees, Yale's Skull and Bones Society, upper levels of various fraternal organizations and councils within major religious organizations.

The elite control "mainstream media" partly through financial means such as outright ownership, control of boards of directors, plus controlling interests in newspapers, magazines, and television network corporations.  Additionally, they can exert control of media through a network of double-agents or "plants" placed within news organizations through the CIA's Operation Mockingbird and similar efforts.  A big part of their agenda is to hide their existence from the rest of us.  Sometimes, they will resort to coercion, bribery and even murder to silence stories and reporters that are against their interests.  They are more ruthless and less honorable than organized crime families and far more sophisticated in both their methods and ability to cover their tracks.

Most world governments, except for a small handful now, are controlled, either directly or indirectly by this network of wealthy elites.  Their techniques for gaining and maintaining control of countries are well documented in books such as "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" and include financial subjugation, compromising existing leaders with bribery, sexual favors and/or drugs to build up "control files" of people in powerful positions, election rigging, campaign funding, bribery and even assassination and outright warfare.

Among the truths that are hidden from us, besides the elite's existence and heavy-handed control of most of the world, are certain spiritual truths the knowledge of which would help us empower ourselves and make us uncontrollable.  The reality-influencing effects of consciousness (aka the power of prayer), techniques for gaining knowledge such as remote-viewing and other intuitive arts are especially concealed using psychological techniques such as ridicule.  The reality of reincarnation and our eternal spirits/souls is well documented by a number of researchers such as Dr. Ian Stevenson, Michael Newton, and Brian Weiss.  Such knowledge tends to reduce fear of death and can make many people uncontrollable at least by the time-honored tradition of death threats as practiced by the elite's henchmen.  Hence, their desire to suppress the "occult" (hidden).

There are psychological truths such as the effectiveness of propaganda and mind-control techniques including hypnosis-- especially the reported MK-Ultra techniques brought to the CIA by immigrating Nazis after WWII under Operation Paperclip, which combine pain, drugs and hypnosis to fracture subjects' personalities into compartmentalized functional units for purposes of assassinations, "super soldier" assignments, spying, sex slavery, drug and information courier work and other tasks that require the utmost in endurance, discretion and deniability.  These subjects are often inculcated and programmed from childhood and their programming can be so effective that, as with Raymond's character in the Manchurian Candidate, their normal cover personalities have no memory of misdeeds or duties done by their other personalities ("alts").

Apparently, the elites' biggest problem at this time is overpopulation of Earth and depletion of resources that they would like to preserve to be used for the long-term benefit of the few (the elites) instead of for the short-term benefit of the many.  Thus, they've devised a number of techniques for dumbing-down, killing and sterilizing the majority of the population with the eventual goal of bringing the Earth's population back down to about a half billion, according to the Georgia guide stones.  Current methods include food poisoning (aspartame, GMOs, MSG, metals, microwave by-products, to name a few), water poisoning (fluoride, aluminum, chlorine, etc.), medicine poisoning (thimerosal, dental amalgams, anti-depressants), illegal drugs (see CIA-Cocaine Importing Agency), air pollution (aluminum, chemtrails, mercury and more), engineered famine and war, especially with exotic weapons like depleted uranium and white phosphorus.  Combined with engineered pathogens and diseases from germ-warfare laboratories, the elites have the full complement of the four horsemen of the apocalypse in their stables-death, war, famine and pestilence.  If that's not enough, they can also use nuclear weapons, although that's less desirable to them as it squanders the livability of the planet for elites later.

The elites are/were responsible for murdering the Kennedys, Martin Luther King and many other charismatic true leaders.  They orchestrated 9/11 and the London Tube bombings.  They are masters of "false flag" operations whereby they destroy one of their enemies and pin the blame on throw-away lone assassins ("patsies") or redirect blame to other enemies they seek to destroy ("terrorists").

Many useful technologies such as cures for cancer and alternative energy solutions have been suppressed by the elite to prevent ordinary people from gaining control of their lives.  Some UFOs are black-budget military equipment being used or tested.  Other UFOs are genuine E.T.'s, of which multiple races and origins have been discovered.  UFO knowledge is suppressed both to hide the existence of secret black-budget craft and to prevent ordinary people from learning about superior beings some of whom could become allies in the struggle against the domination of Earth by the current cabal of elites and some of whom could be in league with the elite.

If you're willing to do the necessary research-homework and think for yourself enough to discover the truth of these matters, visit

Martin Truther

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