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Understanding Facebook's Page Reporting System

by Martin Truther on Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 10:33pm

If you were to ever click on a "report page" link on Facebook, you'd see the following choices:

Report This Page

All reports are strictly confidential. What best describes this?

O Spam or scam

O Contains hate speech or attacks an individual (Choose a type)

    - Targets me or a friend

    - Targets a race or ethnicity

    - Targets a religious group

    - Targets based on gender or orientation

    - Targets people with a disability or disease

O Violence or harmful behavior (Choose a type)

    - Credible threat of violence

    - Self-harm

    - Graphic violence

    - Theft or vandalism

    - Illegal drug use

O Nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content

O Duplicate or miscategorized Page (Choose a type)

    - Duplicate of another page

    - Miscategorized page.

These are rather broad terms and invite a number of clarifying questions, for example:

1. Is it not an abusive scam for a credit card company to charge 18% interest and an additional $29 fee for a late payment?

2. If a targeted marketing campaign aims to sell people products that are harmful to them, such as cigarettes and alcohol, for example, that their marketing aims, at different times, to sell to people of certain races, ethnicities, etc., is this not a kind of "attack" on these individuals and groups?

3. Does "theft" not also describe law enforcement organizations impounding perople's personal property in contravention of the 4th amendment?

4. Does "illegal drug use" not describe water fluoridation?

5. Are not the various armed forces agencies of violence, harmful behavior or, at the very least "credible threat of violence"?

6. Aren't most bank foreclosures "theft"?

Martin Truther

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