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Facebook Snafus -- How Facebook is Gradually Destroying one "Truther"'s Social Networking Experience.

by Martin Truther on Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 12:28am

It would be easy to dismiss these problems as random errors or ordinary glitches, but when different peoples' accounts, running on the same computer have clearly different abilities to function, going back and forth within minutes, it seems that something else is going on.  The more of us who post about our experiences, the more likely we'll be able to discern any patterns.

I've begun posting screen captures of the more obvious problems.  The problems I've personally experience with Facebook are as follows:

Missing Notifications re: Comments on Links Posted to Wall

Facebook stopped providing notifications when people comment on links I post on my wall.  This has been a major problem for me because I have normally relied on Facebook's notifications to keep me involved in conversations/threads when people comment after a period of a day or two.  I have no way to know how many conversations just trailed off because I didn't know there was something to respond to.  This has been the case for a couple of months now (7/15/2011).

Censored URLs Cannot be Posted to Walls

Facebook refuses to post links to politically targeted websites such as and  After many complaints some of these blocked sites have been reinstated.

A current example is

Old-Format Group "Message All Members" Fail

Before the feature was dismantled entirely, Facebook often failed to deliver in-box "messages to all members" for the Red Pill Guide Group. 

Missing Group Admin Functions

Facebook has stopped showing me (the administrator) vital information about group's population and options, took away the option to message all members, essentially forcing me to "upgrade" the group to "new format" which still doesn't provide a method of messaging all members and is still missing group population and administration info/options in the right and left columns.

List All Groups Fail

Facebook has s topped showing me my list of "All Groups".

In-Box Message Access Fail

Stopped allowing me to access any in-box messages (in-box fails to load on multiple O/S's and browsers).

Truncated News Feeds

Newsfeeds becoming unreasonably short. I had about 4,800 friends when I took this screen shot showing only 2 items in my newsfeed (yes, I have selected the "All friends and pages" option to no avail).

Increasing occurrence of captchas

It certainly begins to appear that many of these "hassles" are being experienced inordinately often by member of the truth movement(s) and if eternal vigilance is indeed the price of liberty, it's time to be more vigilant about Facebook's practices as they relate to free speech.  Please share what you know about problems exercising free speech on Facebook.

We are especially interested in hearing from Facebook members with 4,000 or more friends, whether or not you're experiencing problems like the above and a description of your political views as expressed in your posts and messages.

Please e-mail to: martin.truther (at) gmail (period) com

Martin Truther

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